Jason R Martin, PRCA Bareback Bronc Rider

I have always been mindful to live my life feeding the dreams I had as a kid. To be a cowboy is definitely at the top of the list of those dreams. I was living that dream, and then I retired. Why? Because, I was told I should. I was told I was getting too old to compete with the new, younger blood. As time passed, I realized, I was no where close to being ready to quit. For multiple reasons, I decided to once again, Live the Dream.

I began to realize that I wasn’t quite so sure what I was dreaming, only that I had a self imposed obligation to make it happen. For every mother’s son that never made it home, for every kid that ever played Cowboys and Indians, for those who were only able to do so in their own dreams…I head on down the road, as I have many times in my past. This time with a wanting like no other. A desire grown deep…this time it chose me. I am not trying to do something. I AM doing it. It’s done. I’ve set out to take this journey, bold & courageous…to win a circuit title, then make a run for the world.

It is my aim to live like no other in this process & bring you along for the ride! Back to when youthful innocence still had you believe in the dream… That same heroic idea that challenges you to think outside the box, “We’re going to do things just a little bit differently. We’re headed on down the great American highway…back in time to another place. When a hand shake was all you ever needed and hard work and dedication got you somewhere. We have a brand tried and true, I am an American Cowboy and we are going to make something of this…we’re going to “Live the Dream.”